I suppose for most parents, teachers, coaches and children the August bank holiday marks the beginning of the end…the countdown until term starts – the routine of lessons, structured days and for some, purpose.

Personally, the start of term is the next opportunity to get back into the swing of a profession I thoroughly enjoy and am passionate about – teaching and coaching. I am excited to continue developing the young chargers that enter the gates everyday, to try and help improve them and crucially engage them in physical activity and sport. As the term nears, I will certainly look to base my lessons and sessions off the good work of Graham et al from their book Children Moving: A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education.

The book recommended by @joe_Eisenmann gives an insight into how fundamental movement skills can be developed and the array of activities you can include into a lesson, part of a lesson or warm up.

As the new academic year starts, we have an opportunity as practitioners to help develop our students. At the Animal Lab, that’s what we aim to do – develop movement, strength and in time, speed and power. As the academic year draws closer, follow us as we look to develop these physical qualities. As students come through the gates eager to learn, be better and have fun- make sure it is an environment that is stimulating and challenging, giving them that opportunity to grow both physically and mentally.

Look out for more movement inspo from The Animal Lab on Twitter & Instagram in the coming weeks. #thebig5 #movementforall


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