There is a constant flow of new items regarding physical activity and how important it is for children. Recent research that caught my attention suggested that children lose the progress they made during the school year over the 6 week summer holiday.

The issue stems from resources and facilities, that could be utilised a lot better within the school holidays than they currently are.

“But around 80 per cent of gains were reversed during lazy summer holidays, in which PE lessons and walks to school were replaced with long days hunched over gadgets”

The research also shows that playing (or moving) has now become a sedentary activity. Children connect online rather than face to face and has become more important than connecting in real time.

One of the solutions is to keep schools open. Some staff will give up their time and holidays to facilitate physical activity sessions to give children the opportunity to keep moving during the holidays. These are the people who should receive remuneration – for example DigbyWebb and his amazing work at Kingswood School, Bath.

If the Government paid qualified professionals to facilitate sessions and said professionals were willing/available to give time up, then this could be a viable option to keeping children active during the holidays.

At The Animal Lab, this is something we will look to explore – sustainable development sessions for children focused on developing quality movement, specifically out of term time.

I believe that we need a more joined up approach from the government and other stakeholders to facilitate physical activity – offering a practical solution to the problem of inactivity in children.

Thanks for reading and viewing, look out for more movement inspo from The Animal Lab on Twitter & Instagram in the coming weeks. #thebig5 #movementforall


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